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Protect your farm by taking advantage of free safety resources from the #1 Farm Insurer in Wisconsin.

Safety is our business and we would like to offer our help to Wisconsin farmers.

This isn’t a sales pitch, we are just here to make Wisconsin farms a safe place to live and work. It’s our mission to help protect Wisconsin farms and families.

Here’s how it works…

  • Sign up by filling out the form on this page or calling us at 608-828-5524
  • Complete a simple questionnaire about your farm in-person or over phone with a Rural Mutual safety expert. The questionnaire will take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Receive professional safety advice, guides, and resources that are exclusive to Rural Mutual clients and customized to your safety needs.


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Know the Facts about Childhood Agricultural Injuries

Don’t be another headline. Take farm safety seriously!

Farm Safety Articles

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