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Payment Questions

Want to know how and where to pay your bill? Learn about different payments methods here.

Claims Questions

Do you need to report a claim? Learn how to report a claim here.

Agent Questions

Want to contact an agent? Find their contact information and learn more about the agent here.

Insurance Questions

Have specific insurance questions? Visit the learning center to find more info.

What is My Account?

My Account is a secure website that allows you to manage most of your Rural Mutual policies when it is convenient for you. You can check your account status, make a payment, report a claim or request a change to your policy, all at your convenience.

What can I do in My Account?

Once you have registered in My Account, you will have access to all of the following features within the portal:

  • View your account status
  • View your policy information
  • View your policy activity
  • Request a policy change
  • View payments and charges to your account
  • View billing information
  • Make a payment
  • View claims information
  • View claim status
  • Report a claim
  • Update your My Account profile
  • Change your My Account account password
  • Contact our Customer Service Department
  • Contact your agent

How do I register for  My Account?

You can register online by completing the online registration form. You set your User ID and password and complete a limited number of questions. For validation purposes, one of your Rural Mutual Policy numbers will be required as part of the registration process. If you have questions regarding the registration process, you can call our Customer Service Department at 877-219-9550 or email us at

Can I change my User ID and password?

Your password can be changed by utilizing the change password option found in the menu on the upper right of the My Account site. Your User ID cannot be changed.

What if I forget my User ID and password?

If you forget your User ID, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-877-219-9550 and we will be able to provide you with that information. If you forget your password, it can be reset by using the Forgot Password? option on the Login page, your User ID will be required.

How will I know when I complete an activity that it has been accepted?

When you make a payment, submit a policy change request, or report a claim through your My Account profile, you will receive a confirmation message. This confirmation message will give you a confirmation number letting you know your request has been submitted. You will have the option to print this confirmation page for your records. An email will be sent to your agent notifying them of any requests you may submit.

How secure is the Customer Self Service Center?

We use a secure service and security protocol to safeguard any information you submit. In addition to the security measures we have put in place to protect your information, you can help us by keeping your User ID and Password confidential and by changing your password on a regular basis and making it unique. After you have finished accessing your information, exit My Account by utilizing the Log Out options. If you forget to exit the site, you are automatically logged off after 20 minutes.

Who do I contact if I have a question about My Account?

Please contact our Customer Service Department at 877-219-9550 or you may email us at

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