Affordable Renters Insurance for Wisconsin

Know how a renters policy can cover the things that matter most

All your belongings within the walls of your place, mean a lot to you and are worth more than you think. A renters insurance policy can protect your assets, your identity and more at an affordable price to give you piece of mind.  

What does renters insurance cover?

Anyone who is renting an apartment, condo, house or dorm room should have renter’s insurance to protect themselves and their belongings. A renters insurance policy covers the following:

Personal belongings

Things that you own, like your furniture, electronics and clothes, are covered in your renters policy. Extra coverage might be needed for jewelry or other expensive items. Without renter’s insurance, you have no protection from fire, theft/vandalism, tornadoes, and more. Your landlord won’t cover the cost of replacing all your personal belongings.

Lawsuits filed against you

Your renters policy is there for you if someone sues you for their property damage or an injury incurred while at your place. This also includes their medical bills for the injury.

Living expenses after loss

If your place is ever damaged after a covered loss and you need to find somewhere to stay, your renters insurance will help make you feel comfortable.

Identity fraud expense

This optional coverage can protect your identity from being stolen or help you get it back.

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