Farm Safety Partners

Working together to grow farm safety traditions

Safety is our business

Did you know that every 3 days, a child dies in an agriculture related incident? Of the leading sources of fatalities, 25% involved  machinery, 17% involved motor vehicles (including ATVs), and 16% were drownings.

Through our own efforts and those of our partners, we want to help spread awareness for safety on the farm. Check out our partner’s websites below for safety articles, interactive resources, printable posters and more.

National Farm Medicine Center

We work closely with the National Farm Medicine Center to educate and continue to share our safety initiative. Established in 1981 in response to occupational health problems seen in farm patients coming to Marshfield Clinic, the National Farm Medicine Center has focused on evolving issues in agricultural health and safety encompassing behavioral, laboratory and clinical research.

Within the National Farm Medicine Center, exist the following organizations:

Cultivate Safety helps farm parents learn about keeping children safe on the farm. Visit Website

National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety

Leads the country in protecting non-working and working farm youth through research, outreach and prevention. Learn More.

Agritourism Safety

Interactive health and safety guidelines, checklists and resources information for agritourism operators.  View Website

North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT)

Guidelines designed to assist in assigning age-appropriate tasks for children ages 7–16 who live or work on farms. Visit website

Kids and Farm Safety