With Commerical Equipment Breakdown Insurance, you can have peace of mind and rest easy.

Whether you are a restaurant or a hotel owner, we have your equipment breakdown exposures covered.

Everything breaks down eventually. No business can afford an unexpected loss from the breakdown of the mechanical and electrical equipment it relies on daily. Systems you rely on, like your water heater, air conditioner, refrigerator and electrical switchgear are susceptible to mechanical and electrical failures. If you’re not protected, repairing or replacing this critical equipment can cost a fortune.

Commercial Equipment Breakdown Coverage covers a range of potential exposures and gets your business ahead of the unexpected. Contact your Rural Mutual Insurance agent to learn more!

What is covered and how to prevent loss?

Visit our interactive Commercial Equipment Breakdown website.  Click on different business types to learn about a loss example and maintenance tips.

If it uses electric power, it is most likely subject to equipment breakdown.

Often this equipment requires sophisticated diagnostic tools and skilled technicians to oversee a potential repair. Equipment Breakdown coverage protects you against unexpected repair or replacement costs due to an electrical, mechanical, or pressure systems breakdown. For example:

  •  A pipe breaks, flooding your storage facility, ruining stock. Equipment Breakdown coverage pays to fix the pipe, including the extra cost of expedited repair service, and pays to replace the stock.
  • Your computer system overheats due to an air conditioning failure, preventing customers from placing online orders. So they find another vendor. Equipment breakdown insurance pays for all necessary repairs and replaces the revenue an incomplete order log shows you lost due to the failure.

These are only a couple examples of losses small and medium-size businesses can suffer due to equipment breakdown.  Visit our interactive site to see industry specific examples. Local Rural Mutual Insurance agents can help identify your risks for such losses.

Interactive Commercial Breakdown Site

Our Commercial Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers a range of potential exposures. To learn more, enter the site and select an occupancy. Then explore the exposures within and learn tips for preventing losses.