Rural Mutual is Wisconsin Strong

Wisconsin strong is protecting and rebuilding Wisconsin after an unintended loss.

Your farm. It’s more than your business. It’s your home.  It’s a huge capital investment in your future. It’s your way of life. Since 1934 we’ve been looking after farms like  yours exclusively in Wisconsin. In  fact, we’re the number one insurer of farms in the state offering the best coverage for Wisconsin’s growing agriculture industry.

Your home. Your vehicles. Your belongings. Your income.  These are more than just things. They give you a sense of identity and losing them can be devastating. With so many important decisions to make, it’s worth having an expert guiding you through the process. Rural Mutual Insurance agents are here for you.

Your business is your livelihood. Nothing derails success like unexpected loss. That’s why it’s important to choose an insurance company that helps you make the right decisions about coverage for your business. We have two options to help you navigate through these tough decisions – a customized plan tailored to your specific business needs or a comprehensive package plan that groups the necessary coverage into one convenient policy.

Wisconsin strong is keeping your premiums in Wisconsin.

We make sure that premiums paid here, stay here in this state we all love. We’re here to make Wisconsin strong. We’re more than an insurance company. We’re your neighbors. It’s time to start a relationship built on trust.  It’s time to call Rural Mutual.

Wisconsin strong is about supporting communities and helping our youth.

Your community is our community and we like to show our support with our involvement in youth programs. We sponsor the WIAA Boys and Girls State High School Tournaments and the WIAA/Rural Mutual Sportsmanship Award. We also support local 4-H, FFA and Farm Bureau programs, civic organizations and school and sports events.

Wisconsin strong is about trust.

Trust is earned and we’ve been earning it since 1934. Our reputation was built  on delivering on our promise to protect Wisconsin farms, families and businesses. What separates us from competitors is  a more personalized approach from our network of over 150 agents statewide who live and work in your community. We understand your needs and we take the extra effort to ensure you’re well protected by helping you prepare for situations before they become situations. Local knowledge allows us to customize a plan that works best for you.