In partnership with Feeding WisconsinDairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, we are proud to create the Wisconsin Food and Farm Support Fund to benefit the state’s farmers and help feed residents in need. The Wisconsin Food and Farm Support Fund aids the movement of milk to processors and distribution of dairy products to food pantries.

Wisconsin’s Dairy and Agriculture Industry Current State 

  • Sudden loss of business in schools and restaurants that account for nearly half their market 
  • Food processing plants have a reduced market where they can distribute their products 
  • Processing plants must turn down supply from farmers resulting in milk disposal
  • Food banks have seen an increase in demand but are left with short supply  
  • Grocery stores need to keep their own shelves stocked and are unable to donate to food pantries
  • With processing facilities closed down or unable to accept milk or livestock, farmers have no way to market the food they raise


The Wisconsin Food and Farm Support Fund is partnering with Feeding Wisconsin and Harvest of Hope to supply food to those in need and support our hard working farmers. 

“You have a lot of power in determining whether we are successful in achieving our vision – buy donating time, money and especially by donating your voice.


Fight Hunger - Spark Change


Feeding Wisconsin is the statewide association of the Feeding America food banks that sources warehouses, and provides food to over 750 affiliated agencies and 1,000 local food programs throughout the state.  

Feeding Wisconsin assists food banks to raise statewide food and funds, increase awareness about hunger in Wisconsin, strengthen public and private solutions to hunger and food insecurity, and catalyze the statewide public-private partnerships so that we can all stride forward together toward a hunger-free Wisconsin. They value that every child, every senior, and every adult who is dealing with tough times should have access to a safe, consistent, adequate source of healthy and nutritious meals so that they have the energy to learn, be healthy and work.  

Rural Mutual will be donating $10,000 to Feeding Wisconsin in support of the Wisconsin Food and Farm Support Fund.


The Harvest of Hope is a resource for farm families that are struggling financially. It was created in January 1986 to respond to the farm crisis of the 1980s and was intended to be short-term but never really ended. Harvest of Hope has given out over 1,650 gifts totaling more than $1,070,000 over its 34-year history as an organization. 

 To spread the money among farm families, grants are limited to two gifts of $1,500 over time. The range of farm crisis situations is extensive: climatic conditions (floods, drought, hail, frost), electric power cut-offs, medical or veterinary bills, house or barn fires, feed for cattle, machinery repair, supplies for spring planting or basics like putting food on the table or fuel in the fuel tank. 

The mission of the Harvest of Hope is simple: to provide financial help –and hope—to Wisconsin farm families in difficult financial situations. Their goal is to keep Wisconsin family farms in the hands of family farmers. 

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