Protection for your workers and your farm

Did you know that most insurance policies exclude payment for medical treatment for any injury related to a workers’ compensation claim or accident?

In the event of an unforeseen accident there’s a lot at stake for everyone involved. Who is going to pay for the medical bills if a worker is injured on the job? What type of financial hardship will this cause them or you? Do you want to deal with this issue or would you rather have an expert handle it? A workers’ compensation policy is one of the most important coverages you can provide for your workers.

At Rural Mutual Insurance, our highly experienced adjusters will walk you and the employee through the process step-by-step. From investigating the claim, to determining compensation,  to effectively managing the disability and medical treatments of the employee. We also help you avoid complications before they become problems. With our safety and loss prevention services team, we will help your business reduce the potential for injuries, illnesses and property losses.

“Insurance is a tool in your toolbox. Make sure you have the right coverage.”

– Jeremie P

Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline

24/7 access to a nurse to help your employees get the right care at the right time

An added benefit of obtaining your Workers’ Compensation coverage through Rural Mutual is that we provide a 24/7 nurse hotline that helps reduce the number of emergency room or urgent care claims filed, while still providing expert medical advice for employees. If it’s more than a Band-Aid® and less than a 911 call, we ask that you call the Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline: 1-(844)-334-6477

Rural Mutual Insurance has partnered with Medcor, a health decision-making and injury assessment service. One valuable component of our service is the Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline used to immediately report a workers comp claim. This critical service is provided to you at no cost.

Dividend Plans

Depending on certain conditions, your business may be eligible for flat or variable dividend plans. Eligibility requirements include review of:

  • Premium Threshold
  • Exposure Severity
  • Three-Year Loss Ratio
  • Experience Modification Factor
  • Active Safety Program Participation
  • Verification of Premium and Loss Report from Prior Carrier (if required)

Benefits To Employers

Workers’ compensation restricts injured employees or their family members from suing the employer due to injuries sustained at work. Additionally, Rural Mutual Insurance incorporates Employers Liability Insurance in their policy. This added benefit covers employer liability if an employee sustains an injury in a work-related accident that is not covered under the Worker’s Compensation Act.

Benefits To Employees

Workers’ compensation provides distinct benefits for employees who have sustained injuries or illnesses related to employment, including:

  • Coverage for all reasonable and necessary medical costs.
  • Payments for temporary loss of wages.
  • Payments for permanent loss of earning capacity.

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