Is working in insurance sales a good job?

Thinking about starting a career in sales or specifically insurance sales and don’t know what to expect? In fact, you aren’t even sure what an insurance agent salary is or how to learn the business?

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Here’s why having a job in insurance sales is rewarding:

  • Unlimited Income Potential.
    Most people aren’t satisfied with their current income, think they deserve more or are tired of not getting a raise/promotion. The harder you work doesn’t always contribute to how much your pay check is, which is frustrating. As an insurance agent, you can earn unlimited commission and residual income.Commission comes from a percentage of what you sell and your residual income comes from those sales that renew. You can earn money 24/7, not just 8am-4pm, Monday through Friday.At Rural Mutual Insurance, we also provide a base salary. We know you must spend time learning the business and finding leads, so we are here to support you as you learn the industry.
  • Be Your Own Boss.
    At the end of the day, we all wish we could be our own bosses. As an insurance agent, you own your own business, make your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. Don’t know how to run a business? We provide a mentorship program and training to help you be successful. We have a marketing team, an IS team, a claims team, and customer service team that here to support you and your business.
  • Make a Difference.
    It’s one thing to make a lot of money, but it’s a whole different feeling to make a difference in someone’s life. At Rural Mutual Insurance, we exist to deliver on our promise to protect Wisconsin farms, families and businesses and to help them rebuild following times of unintended financial loss.

So, take control of your life, escape the run around and get the flexibility that you want while earning the income you deserve.

With the tools and expertise to succeed, Rural Mutual Insurance continues to be One of the Nation’s Best Insurance Companies. Our Agents take pride in servicing and protecting Wisconsin and only Wisconsin.

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