5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Smart(er)

Smart technology isn’t just for the home anymore, people are jumping on board the connected-device bandwagon and implementing smart technology to benefit their small businesses. They utilize devices that help maintain a safe and secure environment, improve energy efficiency and optimize processes.  

Many small business owners don’t always have the time to look into new technologies that would improve their business, but this could be costing them precious money. Installing smart technology in your office space is one of the best investments to cut costs in your business.

5 ways to implement smart technology in your business

1. Security Systems  

Every small business owner needs to protect their investment. To do that, consider a smart security system. Originally designed for homes, these systems are becoming increasingly popular with small business owners. Most systems come with a number of door, window, and motion sensors that will alert you immediately via your smartphone if there’s unauthorized activity at any entry point. SimpliSafe offers affordable security options that also include alerts if it senses fire, water damage or potential for pipes freezing.   

2. Video Doorbell  

An effective security system doesn’t have to break your budget. Home or office businesses can benefit from a smart doorbell, which incorporates a camera to allow business owners to see who’s at the door from wherever they are and monitor for attempted theft. These are especially helpful for appointment-only businesses that may not want to answer the door for unexpected callers. The Ring Video Doorbell is affordable, simple to use and easy to set up. 

3. Smart Locks  

When you have employees or contractors coming and going, a smart lock will help you provide access only when needed and monitor who is entering at different times. These types of systems can be used to set up individual codes, lockout everyone at any time, and replace swipe card systems with keyless locks for better security. Two robust options include Kwikset or Schlage Sense. 

4. Smart Thermostat  

Being energy efficient isn’t just good for the planet – it’s good for your bottom line. The best way to cut your energy costs is a smart thermostat. You can set it to kick on with a customizable schedule. Smart thermostats will monitor your usage and make slight adjustments to the temperature settings to save your money. As a bonus, your employees will be happier when they arrive in the morning to a workplace that is already at a comfortable temperature.   

5. Smart Lighting  

Smart lighting has been on the scene for a while and makes a real difference in your energy costs. Installing a complete system with smart LED bulbs, motion sensors, and remote control will give you the most bang for your buck and allow for more control of lighting in the workspace. As work schedules become increasingly flexible, it’s important to make sure the lights are only on in the spaces they’re needed. 

Smart technology for businesses is making a breakthrough offering many benefits for small businesses. Now is the time to start implementing these smart tech devices in your business to save money, increase efficiency, and improve operations.  

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