Grain Bin Tip: Do NOT Enter a Flowing Grain Bin

More than 200 people in the United States have died as a result of grain suffocation in the last thirty years. More frighteningly, nearly one-third of the people trapped in flowing grain are children.

One of the biggest safety tips for everyone on the farm is this: never enter a flowing grain bin.

Many farmers underestimate the enormous force behind flowing grain, say the folks behind the “Show-Me Farm Safety” website. Suffocation is one of the most common causes of death involving grain bins, and it happens when someone enters the bin while the grain is flowing, and is pulled under and covered with grain.

“The grain works like quicksand that can bury a person in mere seconds,” according to “Show-Me Farm Safety.”

The best way to prevent the deadly situation? Never enter bins while grains are being loaded or unloaded. Always wait until the dust clears so you can clearly see your footing before entering.

And, as always, make sure your children understand the serious risks of entering the grain bins.