5 Ways to Manage Safe Farm Buildings

Whether your farm has one building or several, keeping them well-kept and safe is important for everyone on the farm. Make your farm a safe place. After all, the safer the farm, the more it will thrive.

HobbyFarms.com offers these tips to make sure your farm buildings and surrounding areas aren’t a safety hazard for the workers and children on your farm.

1. Safety Checks

Perform regular safety checks of all your buildings for obvious fire hazards and hazardous materials.

2. Safe Chemical Storage

Store any chemicals where children and animals can’t get into them. Make a list of all the chemicals in the building for firefighters in the event of a fire.

3. Keep ATV Paths Clear

Keep weeds and grasses trimmed in the travel space between buildings so tractor and ATV drivers don’t hit obstacles or holes that may cause them to overturn.

4. Store Away Tools

Keep all work areas neat and clean with tools stored out of the way.

5. Create Boundaries

Establish a safe boundary around any fuel tanks and flammable substances.

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Photo by Ryan C. Henriksen for The Wall Street Journal

Contact your local Rural Mutual agent to get access to our lost control and safety resources, or contact us to learn more about our farm safety initiatives.

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