Tractor Safety Guidelines for Your Child

A tractor can weigh 10,000 pounds. Your small child is no match against a 10,000-pound piece of machinery.

If you want to keep your child safe from tractors, keep your child away from tractors. That’s the advice from the Childhood Agricultural Safety Network.

However, there are certainly some age appropriate tractor tasks a child can take on, if you’re willing to take the proper precautions. Grab some non-skid shoes and hearing protection for your kids, and take a look at these safety recommendations from the North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks (NAGCAT).

Tractor Safety Guidelines

  • Make sure an adult can communicate with the child at all times via cell phone, walkie-talkie or other method.
  • An adult should assure there are no hazards in the work zone.
  • The child should be able to reach and operate all controls while wearing the seatbelt and remaining completely seated.
  • The child should be strong enough to operate all controls without using both feet and without straining.
  • Make sure the child has been properly trained to operate the tractor safely.
  • Before allowing the child to operate the tractor alone, be sure the child has shown he or she can perform the task safely 4 to 5 times under close supervision.

Photo courtesy of Farm Safety Awareness