Dairy Revenue Protection Protects Wisconsin Farmers

Rural Mutual Insurance Company, is excited for it’s partnership with American Farm Bureau Insurance Services which allows Rural Mutual to add Dairy Revenue Protection to their existing farm insurance products.

Here are 3 things you need to know about Dairy Revenue Protection:

  • Dairy Revenue Protection, is designed to help farmers manage against unanticipated declines in milk sales. It provides insurance for the difference between the revenue guarantee and actual milk revenue if prices or revenues decline.
  • Dairy Revenue Protection will be sold daily and offers flexibility to protect revenue at varying times by offering five quarterly insurance periods.
  • Dairy Revenue Protection can be used to insure milk with either a Class Pricing option or Component Pricing option.

Dairy farmers need additional risk management tools that reflect the diversity of milk production. With unanticipated declines in milk market prices or milk production, make sure you’re covered with Dairy Revenue Protection.

Rural Mutual is the #1 farm insurer in Wisconsin. We review risk for a living. We also see the passion and drive that characterizes farmers throughout Wisconsin. We have a dedicated team of dairy certified insurance agents ready to talk to you about how Dairy Revenue Protection can fit into your risk management plan. Contact your local Rural Mutual Insurance agent to customize your policy specific to your farm.

Learn more about how Dairy Revenue Protection works here!