Be A Part Of The Solution – Help Support Local Dairy Farmers

When we look back at the COVID-19 crisis, in five to ten years, we will certainly remember the fear and uncertainty that loomed over us all. But at the same time we will remember the stories of kindness and selflessness.  

 Wisconsin Dairy Farmers and the Dairy Industry need our kindness and selflessness now more than ever. With the demand for milk and dairy products down due to schools and restaurants closed. As well as local grocery stores placing limits on number of products one can buy. Dairy farmers are forced to dump milk, in an already struggling industry,  as demand has dropped so low.  

“Cow’s don’t know there’s a virus,” former Secterary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack says, as Dairy continues to push forward. 


All around the state, people, communities and organizations are coming together to help fight for the dairy industry and provide dairy products to those in need. Here are some key ways that you help can out around the state and in your community.  

Sauk Prairie FFA Silent Auction 

Sauk Prairie FFA annual FFA Banquet which was to be held on March 17th, was canceled due to COVID-19. With that, they have decided to take their Silent Auction online this year. All proceeds will go towards purchasing gallons of milk for families that have requested lunches thru the school lunch program during this time. Visit the Sauk Prairie FFA Facebook Page for more information!  


Medford FFA – Mission Dairy Food Products 

Medford FFA members have taken it upon themselves to help donate milk, cheese and other dairy products to Medford School District homes accompanied with breakfast and lunch that school staff have been delivering during the COVID-19 “Safer At Home” order. FFA members have also started including projects and dairy education packets with each meal. All products involved with meals are fully founded with donation from the community and various sponsors. Contact Lisa Koop – Medford Ag Instructor and FFA Advisor to make a donation 

Check with your local FFA and see how you can help give back closer to home too!  

Adopt A Cow – Second Harvest Food Bank 

Adopt A Cow is a campaign that was started by Second Harvest Food Bank to help make donations that will be used to purchase milk and distribute it to those facing hunger in Southern, Wisconsin. Second Harvest Food Bank wants to help close the “Milk Gap,” the space between the need and what they’re able to provide. Adopt A Cow has various monetary levels to choose from. You can choose to adopt Milk production for one morning for only $20 or $252 for a week. When you Adopt A Cow with Second Harvest food bank, you will also receive an adoption certificate. Check out all the awesome cows that you can adopt today! 


Small Steps To Making A Big Difference 

Looking for something easier to help support your local dairy industry. Check out these simple steps below!  

  • Get extra cheese on your pizza 
  • Add milk and yogurt to your fruit smoothies  
  • Drink a glass a mike with your meal 
  • Try a new recipe incorporating cheese 
  • Buy dairy products and donate them to your local food pantry 
  • Enjoy a bowl of ice cream 
  • Do you lift? Make sure your protein powder contains real whey 
  • Add cream to your coffee 
  • Don’t forget to butter your toast.  

 Remember, dairy products are a great source of calcium, protein, Vitamin D and Potassium. We can make a difference one gallon of milk at a time. Make dairy a part of your day, everyday! #SUPPORTDAIRYFARMERS 

Together we keep Wisconsin Strong 

We are in this together, farmers and consumers. Reach out a helping hand and show your support for our Wisconsin Farmers. 

As Wisconsin’s #1 farm insurer, Rural Mutual is committed to helping and supporting our Wisconsin farmers. Talk to an agent today and follow us on Facebook to join the conversation.