Grow Your Knowledge about Pumpkin Growers

Each year, visiting a pumpkin patch is a popular Wisconsin fall activity for all ages. But what visitors might not know is how much effort it takes to grow the pumpkins that fill each patch every year. Here are some facts about pumpkin growers that might surprise you.

Seasonal Requirements 

Pumpkin growers need a lot of time to get their popular fruit ready for the carving and fall decorating season. For northern state growers, like in Wisconsin, the pumpkins need to be planted by late May, so they have the necessary 75 to 100 frost-free days to fully grow. With pumpkins being so sensitive to cold, the soil must be between 65-95 degrees and well past the danger of frost when planting the pumpkin seeds. 

Options for Planting Pumpkins 

Ideally, pumpkins would grow in 1,000 square feet plots so the vines have plenty of room to run. However, it is possible to plant and grow a pumpkin in tighter quarters. Regular and miniature pumpkins can be grown in 10, 12, or 15-gallon buckets (depending on variety) if planting in the ground is not an option.  For more details on planting pumpkins, visit:  

Best Type of Pumpkins for Your Fall Activit

Are you looking for cute miniature pumpkins to decorate your porch? Or the best pumpkin to carve a ghost into? Or perhaps the best pumpkin for your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie? Here are the types of pumpkins you can go on hunting for this fall season: 

  • Miniature pumpkins: Jack Be Little & We-B-Little are pumpkin growers’ favorite miniature pumpkins to use when decorating. These are also suggested to be used for baking purposes if you choose.  
  • Carving: Autumn Gold is an All-America Selection winner and excellent for carving those festive Jack-o-Lanterns. Other pumpkin types that are recommended for carving purposes include Magic Lantern and Merlin.  
  • Baking: When it comes to baking, pumpkin growers don’t mess around! They list Sugar Treat. Hijinks, Baby Bear, Cinderella’s Carriage, and Peanut Pumkin as the best pumpkins to shop for when preparing your favorite pumpkin dish from scratch.  
  • Decorating: Jarrahdale, Pepitas Pumpkin, & Super Moon are regular sized pumpkins that will make the perfect festive touch to your fall decorations. 

Did You KNow?

Pumpkins serve a variety of purposes. Here are some facts you might know regarding pumpkins- whether it be about growing them, eating them, or using them! 

  • Pumpkins have been in North America for nearly 5,000 years.  
  • According to this article about pumpkin farms, the average small pumpkin farm can bring in about $30,000 each year. 
  • According to the 2017 U.S. Agriculture Census, Illinois is the leading pumpkin producer in the U.S, harvesting twice as many pumpkin acres compared to other pumpkin growing states. 
  • A Fond Du Lac resident man grew the heaviest pumpkin in the 2021 fall season. Sadly, the  
    2,520 pound pumpkin was not eligible for any competitions due to a crack.  
  • In September 2010, Ohio produced the world’s largest pumpkin pie. The 3,699 pound pie recipe required 1,212lbs of canned pumpkin and 2,796 eggs to make.  
  • Studies say a slice of pumpkin pie before bed might improve your sleep- and if not, at least you are enjoying a good treat! 

Hopefully, this blog gave you exciting information you can share with your friends when planning your next fall or Halloween-themed adventure. To learn more about Rural Mutual can help protect a pumpkin grower’s operation, reach out to your local Rural Mutual agent.