Why We Think Wisconsin Is the Best State Ever!

We have so many reasons why we think Wisconsin is the best state ever, but here are our top 10: 


  1. Live in a City? Take a short drive and see these spectacular Wisconsin views.

    Or stay in the city and see this! 

  2. We are the cheese heads, providing cheese for the entire country! Thank you farmers! 

  3. Wisconsinites know how to embrace every season (sometimes all in one week)! 

  4. Our family is our priority, and always will be.

  5. Wisconsin knows how to make the best beer and old fashions. 

  6. One of a kind geography like this can be found in many places around the state.

  7. We have some of the best colleges in the Nation!

  8. Sports… not only do we love our Packers, Badgers and Brewers, but we support our high school sports!

  9. Water! Yes we have the water park capital of the world, but we also have more than 10,000 lakes (sorry Minnesota)!

  10. Overall state rankings. Wisconsin ranked in the top 20 states in the following categories: Government, Opportunity, Crime & Corrections, and Education.

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