Congratulations to the Superior Spartans on being presented with the Girls Softball Sportsmanship Award!

We believe there’s something more important than just winning or losing a tournament. We believe that the team, school, and fans who support their athletes with dignity and class are the true champions. We’ve proudly sponsored the WIAA/Rural Mutual Insurance Sportsmanship Award for over 55 years. 

We would like to congratulate the Superior Spartans on being this year’s recipient of the Girls Softball Sportsmanship Award. 

When talking with Head Coach Mike Sather, we asked him what this Award meant to him as a coach, the team, and the community, along with how they teach their athletes about sportsmanship. 

Our coaching staff and I obviously are very proud of our players. I have been a high school coach for almost 30 years and a teacher for 35 years. It’s gratifying knowing that we could be making a difference. I think sportsmanship is nothing more than being a nice person. If you are a nice person, you treat people kindly, with respect, and are willing to put other things first besides yourself.

All team awards are special. They are special in the fact that we all get to share this honor. Team sportsmanship would indicate and show an awareness of the big picture: one in which it is important to work together with all our teammates; the importance of following rules that regulate our sports; understanding and respecting other players that we compete against; and, finally, showing respect and appreciation for those taking the time to officiate our games.

The school and the community all understand that these young people will be an important part of our community in the future. For our players to perform with confidence and respect, they are generally acting like first-class citizenWe can all be proud of our players playing under pressure in a state tournament because it is a proud moment. Our young people have been taught well, and they will be ready to take their place in our community soon.

Coach Sather went on to say; “Our coaching staff and myself at the beginning of the year- we talk about character. A person’s character is shown through sportsmanship. That’s what we like to think and what we like to do. For the most part, I think our coaching staff demonstrates sportsmanship at all times during all games. We think sportsmanship is important because it’s about becoming a thoughtful person, a whole person. It’s about respect and always doing the right thing. The bottom line is that’s one of the reasons why we have high school athletics.”

Coach Sather has been coaching for 41 years. When asked why he enjoys coaching, Coach Sather said, “Simple, it’s fun and gratifying! There’s fun in sharing in the success. For example, being recognized for this sportsmanship award. It’s also gratifying because you do see some young people grow into outstanding adults. In closing, I would like to thank the parents of our players for their sportsmanship and how your daughters handled themselves. Under different circumstances, good or bad was truly learned at home. Our coaching staff’s part was reinforcing what they’ve already learned.”

Congratulations again on a great season and winning the WIAA/Rural Mutual Sportsmanship Award. This is a great achievement for the Superior community.