Aim for Safety this Hunting Season

As the cool, fall air sets in, there’s one thing on many Wisconsinites’ mind – hunting season. Spending time in the woods is an outlet for many people and hunting is a sport that brings many friends and families together. However, hunting safety should be taken seriously as the nature of the activity brings many risks. Don’t let your time in the woods be spoiled by an accident.  

Deer Hunting Safety Tips 

Make sure tree stands are secure and in good condition.

  • Especially important in a permanent stand, ensure that the tree is in good health, standing straight, wood is safe, and check for rot. 
  • If in a ladder stand, always wear a safety harness properly tightened and securely attached to the tree.  
  • Falls are the most common hunting injury especially when climbing or descending. The average fall from a tree stand is about 15 feet.  

Know the location of others hunting around you 

  • Let friends and family you are hunting with know where you’ll be sitting. This is best practice to know your surrounding area where other hunters are but also in case of an emergency you know where to find each other.   
  • Have a working means of communication. This is most often a cell phone but if you’re in an area without reception, consider a two-way radio or GPS equipment.  

Know your target 

  • Know the effective range of your weapon and make sure your firearm is properly sighted in.  
  • Know what lies behind your target before you shoot. High powered ammunition can travel far distances.  
  • Only shoot when you can clearly see your target and are certain it is the intended target. Never shoot based off sound or movement as it could be another hunter.  

obey the laws 

  • Hunting education is important to promote safe, responsible and ethical use of the environment as well as reduce the potential for accidents, injuries and fatalities through firearm safety. Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1973, must complete a hunter education course and have a hunter education safety certificate on file to purchase a hunting license in Wisconsin.  
  • Be aware of Wisconsin trespassing laws and know when permission is needed to enter private land.  

Dress appropriately  

  • Remember your orange outer layer to stay visible to other hunters.  
  • In cold conditions, dress warm. Sitting for an extended period of time without much movement puts your body at risk for medical emergencies such as hypothermia. Dress in warm layers, hat, mittens, hand buff, boots, warm socks, hand and foot warmers. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and pack extra items in your backpack that you can add on as the temperatures cool down in the evening or can take off as it warms up in the morning.  

Rural Mutual believes in safety and wishes you a safe and successful hunt. Visit our Learning Center for more safety information.