Equipment Breakdown: Four Things Commonly Covered 

Whether you’re renting or own your home, dealing with equipment breakdowns can be a nightmare. Multiple systems in homes can be susceptible to failures such as heating and air conditioner units, refrigerator, electronics, etc. Fortunately, some equipment breakdowns might be covered under your home insurance, if you have the right protection. Equipment Breakdown Coverage is an available add-on to your home insurance to help with the painful repair or replacement costs.  

What is Covered: 

Talk to your insurance agent to confirm what is protected under your individual policy. Even with Equipment Breakdown Coverage, some items may not be covered such as equipment failing due to regular wear and tear. It’s important to have a good understanding of what is covered. Here are some common examples protected by the breakdown coverage: 

  1. Electronics 
    Example: A storm rolls through causing a power surge and suddenly, your Smart Home appliances, ceiling fans, or TVs aren’t turning on. The power outage has fried the systems. Rather than be out the cost to replace or repair these items, your equipment breakdown coverage could help with those costs. 
  2. Appliances
    Example: One day when you go to cook dinner, you realize your oven won’t turn on and the digital display is flashing. After making a call, you learn the repair costs are over $1,000. Since it’s a breakdown not related to normal wear and tear, your additional coverage could help with the repair expenses.
  3. Home Systems 
    Example: To prep for the summer heat, you arrange for your air conditioner to be served and turned on. Instead, you find out that due to a damaged motor, you’ll need to replace it for the season.   
  4. Outdoor Equipment 
    Example: There’s nothing worse than going outside to enjoy a lovely pool day and realizing your pool filtration system is not working properly. Or, planning to mow the grass, and the lawn motor has blown due to debris getting caught. Make sure you have the right protection for everything in your home so you can have peace of mind. 

You can also visit our interactive Equipment Breakdown website to see other systems that might be covered, as well as maintenance tips to avoid breakdowns. 

Ways to Prevent Breakdowns: 

Performing regular maintenance and taking some precautionary steps can help avoid breakdowns. Follow this checklist to keep your home in great shape, inside and out. 

  • Regular maintenance 
    Stay up to date on inspections, scheduled maintenance, and services of your HVAC, air conditioner, water pump, etc. Clean your oven, range hoods, and around all of your household appliances to prevent dust and debris from clogging them and causing damage. Check the hoses of your washer and dryer every so often for bubbles or cracks that can lead to water damage. Also clean your vents to prevent build up that could lead to a fire hazard.  
  • Power Strips 
    One way you can avoid electrical system failures is by utilizing power strips instead of plugging your electronics directly into your outlets. Don’t plug in more than six devices and make sure you are staying under the watt limit for the strip. If the power strip feels hot to the touch, unplug it and replace it immediately. Unplug the power strip when the electronics are not in use to avoid the risk of damage and a higher electrical bill.  
  • Surge Protectors  
    In addition to power strips, look into installing surge protection in a tiered approach for your devices and appliances. Surge protection can be installed at the meter and/or electrical panel. Reach out to your local electricity provider to see if they can install these for you.  
  • Backup Your Data 
    Regularly back up your data and important files. This will save you plenty of time as well as important information if your computer hard drive fails or suffers damage due to a power outage, accident, etc.  

It is always a good idea to be prepared. Do you have the proper coverage if you experience equipment breakdowns? Talk to your local Rural Mutual agent today so you can rest easy knowing you’re protected.