What to do When Things Go Wrong on the Road

Have you wondered what to do after a car accident or crash? Review these tips to be prepared in case of unforeseen circumstances on the road. 

Before a Breakdown or Crash, Remember:

  • Always keep a copy of proof of insurance in your glove box
  • Put your agent’s phone number in your phone or keep it in your glove box for easy accessibility¬†
  • Keep a first aid and emergency kit in your car

What to do after a breakdown

  1. Safely pull off the road
  2. Alert other motorists so they avoid you (turn on hazard lights, open hood, etc.)
  3. Make a written or mental note of your vehicle’s location
  4. Identify the problem or anything unusual (sounds, smells, etc)
  5. Call for roadside assistance (If safe, remain in the vehicle until a technician arrives)
  6. If needed, contact your insurance company

What to do after a crash

  1. Check for injuries – if anyone needs medical attention, call 911
  2. Remain at the scene and exchange information
  3. File a police report (this is important if you need to file a claim)
  4. Notify insurance and file a claim

To report a claim, contact your agent or call 1-800-255-2150.