Rural Mutual Declares 5% Dividend for 2019 Farm Policyholders

For the fourth year in a row since Rural Mutual established the first-of-its-kind Farm Dividend Program, the Board of Directors declared a 5% dividend on all eligible farm policies to be paid in 2020.

An estimated $2.5 million will be paid out in 2020

Based on the company’s positive operating results, an estimated $2.5 million will be paid out in 2020. Farmers started receiving dividend checks in late February.

“Wisconsin’s Farmers are a major contributor to our state’s economy and essential to the success of Wisconsin.  As the leader in the agricultural insurance industry Rural Mutual Insurance is committed to protecting these hard-working individuals” said Dan Merk, Executive Vice President and CEO of Rural Mutual. “Our financial strength and farm product performance allows us to reward our farm policyholders in the form of a farm dividend”

The Farm Dividend program is just one of the many ways Rural Mutual serves its farmers and reinforces its relationship with the Wisconsin Farm Bureau. Together we keep Wisconsin Strong!

For more information on Rural Mutual Insurance’s Farm Dividend program, please contact  your local Rural Mutual agent.

Wisconsin’s #1 Farm Insurer

Rural Mutual is the #1 writer of farm insurance in Wisconsin for a good reason: founded by farmers, for farmers, we understand in our bones your unique needs, whatever size your farm operation. Even better, our knowledge is specific to Wisconsin, which is the only market we serve.

We know your farm is more than your business, it’s your way of life. We offer a broad range of coverage options to prevent putting that way of life at risk.

Our farm coverage options include your home and personal items, farm buildings, vehicles, farm personal property and workers’ compensation for your farm employees. And we offer a broad range of non-farm coverage. Our multi-policy discount makes insuring all your risks with Rural Mutual the right choice.

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