Is a Rental Car or U-Haul Covered Under My Car Insurance?

Ask the Insurance Experts at Rural Mutual Insurance…

If I rent a vehicle or a U-Haul, is it covered under my personal car insurance policy?

There would be coverage for the broadest of coverage that is currently listed on your auto policy. For example, if you have liability only coverage on your policy, you would have liability only coverage for the car or U-Haul you are renting, there would be no physical damage coverage.  Rural Mutual offers a variety of coverages for personal car insurance.

With respect to a non-owned vehicles, the policy specifically states that a non-owned vehicle must be a private passenger auto, pickup, van or trailer for physical damage coverage to be provided. Ask your agent for more details.

If you get in an accident…

Regardless of coverage, your auto policy would not provide coverage for the down time associated with that rented car or U-Haul in the event you were in an accident. You would still be responsible for the rental fee for the days it could not be rented out to someone else. The insurance that the rental company provides generally will pick up these coverage gaps if you are interested. Remember, put your phone down and keep your eyes on the road!

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