Garage Operation Coverage to Keep Your Business Protected

If you own a garage operation, it’s important to have the right business insurance to protect you and your companyWe know accidents happen such as collisions, employee accidents and damages. Have peace of mind to know you’re protected in an unforeseen circumstance.  

Businesses that are used to repair or service vehicles at a physical location typically need garage insurance. For example: 

  • Auto Repair or Service Shops 
  • Body Shops
  • Car Washes 
  • Gas Stations 
  • Tire Dealers 
  • Oil Change Stations

We offer endorsements to our Commercial policy and Business Auto policy to specifically protect these types of garage businesses. 

Commercial Package Policy 

Operation of Customer’s Auto on Particular Premises 

This endorsement provides liability coverage if there is an incident that is your fault and causes bodily injury or property damage to another party, while driving your customer’s vehicle on your property. 

Broad Form Products Coverage 

This endorsement provides coverage over $250 per occurrence for property damage to your product (I.e. car parts for installation)It can cover loss of use or loss of income due to something containing the insured’s product (I.e. a customer’s vehicle). 

For example, if a repair shop rebuilt a car part such as a carburetor, and during the installation it damaged other areas of the vehicle, this coverage may apply.  

Business Auto Policy 

Employees as Insured 

This endorsement provides coverage for non-owner liability to cover the liability of employees while they are using their own vehicles in the employer’s business. 

For example, your office manager makes daily bank deposits using their personal vehicle and gets into an accident that is their fault. The employee’s personal auto policy would most likely be primary insurance. However, if the personal auto limits are insufficient to satisfy the claim, the employer could help provide additional coverage for insufficient limits on the employee’s personal auto policy.  

Garagekeepers Coverage 

This endorsement provides coverage for customer’s vehicles that are in the insured’s care and custody at a specific locationThere are several deductible and coverage options available. If you are test driving a customer’s car in your parking lot and collide with another parked vehicle, this endorsement may apply 

Loaner Car and Towing Services 

Rural Mutual Insurance understands the need to protect your loaner vehicles and towing services. If your auto repair or service shop offers these services, talk to your local Rural Mutual agent about these additional coverages.  

We help protect your business with the right business and commercial insurance, because nothing derails success like unexpected losses. Contact a local Rural Mutual agent today to request a quote and learn more.