What is Crop Hail Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Wisconsin has experienced unusual and extreme weather in the past few years, including some severe hail and wind storms. Last year alone wind and hail caused significant damage to many fields across the state. In the last five years, Rural Mutual Insurance has paid over $6,000,000 in crop hail claims. If you have never considered crop hail as a risk management tool for your farm, learn the basics and start the conversation with one of our crop specialists.

What is Crop Hail Insurance and what does it cover?

With high inputs and even tighter margins, an inexpensive crop hail policy is one way to protect your crop. Crop hail is available for many crops, not just corn, soybeans, and wheat. Its available for crops ranging from forage, row crops, fruit, and vegetables.

A crop hail policy also covers more than just hail. Fire, lightening, vandalism, transportation from the field to first point of storage, debris removal, and clean-up of buildings blown into a field by wind may also be covered. Field corn also has additional coverage available for green snap, wind, extra harvest expense, and replanting if damage is due to hail.

If you contract or feed your crop, a loss from hail or wind damage could mean having to pay out even more in the fall when a contract is due or to buy quality feed to replace what was damaged.

Rural Mutual offers many different types of policies, both with and without deductibles so you can customize coverage to suit your operation and budget. There are also several discounts available including new business discounts, early pay, and loyalty discounts.

How does crop hail insurance work?

Crop hail insurance covers crops on a per acre basis, so even if only a portion of a field is damaged by a hail storm, you still have coverage. Losses are determined on a yield loss basis so even if a plant is not destroyed by hail, if its ability to yield a crop is compromised, a loss would be paid based on the severity of the damage and how many acres were damaged.

Crop Hail can be used as a stand-alone policy or used along with a Multi-peril Crop Insurance policy.

Farmers are in business today simply because they decided to purchase a crop hail policy. Rural Mutual has been providing farmers with a variety of risk management tools to insure their operations for 85 years so let one of our farm insurance experts help you protect your investment in your crop this year.

Industrial Hemp Crop Hail Insurance

We now offer  a comprehensive Industrial Hemp Crop Hail Insurance Program. You choose which fields you wish to insure and the amount of coverage you would like per acre at an affordable cost at any time during the growing season.

Rural Mutual is the #1 farm insurer in Wisconsin. We review risk for a living. We also see the passion and drive that characterizes farmers throughout Wisconsin. Contact your local Rural Mutual Insurance agent to customize your policy specific to your farm.