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We expanded our agribusiness practice to serve Wisconsin Industrial Hemp operations, including growers, distributors and retailers. As the number one farm insurer in Wisconsin, we strive to understand the complexity of the hemp industry to better serve our clients insurance needs.

Is Hemp Legal in Wisconsin?

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Hemp in Wisconsin is recognized as an agricultural commodity and can be grown for many types of products, which fall into three main categories: CBD oil, fiber and grain/seed

All growing and processing of hemp in Wisconsin will continue to be regulated and administered through Wisconsin Dept of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection for 2019. Farmers must have a valid growers license and annual registration to grow Hemp in Wisconsin

CBD and Hemp Insurance: Who do we cover?

 The following types of industrial hemp operations can be considered for coverage:

Farm Hemp Coverage

  • Harvesting and Storing of Industrial Hemp (insured’s own crop)
  • Storing Industrial Hemp of Others
  • Custom Farming Operations
  • Drying Industrial Hemp for Others
  • Processing of Industrial Hemp

Commercial Hemp Coverage

  • Hauling for Others
  • Trip Transit and Motor Truck Cargo
  • Custom Farming Operations and Drying for Others
  • Processing of Industrial Hemp and Manufacturing of Hemp Products
  • Retail Sales of Industrial Hemp

Choose from a broad range of commercial insurance coverage for large and small business operations, including business auto insurance, workers’ compensation and equipment breakdown. 

Industrial Hemp Crop Hail Insurance

Learn more about crop hail and multi-peril crop insurance

Even though the 2018 Farm Bill makes industrial hemp eligible for federal crop insurance, it could be up to 4 years before the USDA has hemp crop insurance available.

Since Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) is a federally regulated program, Authorized Insurance Providers (AIP’s) have to wait for the USDA to develop and release hemp crop insurance programs.

Meanwhile, private insurance companies can develop their own Crop Hail Insurance for Hemp.  Rural Mutual is offering Crop Hail for Hemp available for 2019. Crop hail covers losses due to hail, fire, lighting, vandalism and vehicle damage.

Industrial Hemp Covered by Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Learn more about multi-peril crop insurance

Wisconsin is included in a pilot program offering Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) coverage on Hemp for 2020. Insurable types of hemp include Grain, Fiber and CBD. Multi-Peril Crop Insurance covers losses due to drought, excess moisture, disease, fire, insect damage, hail, wildlife damage, and more.

In order to qualify, the variety of hemp grown must be listed as approved by the state regulatory authority, it must meet minimum acreage requirement based on type to be insured and you must have at least one year of history with hemp. Sales closing date for all counties is March 15th.

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The Rise of Hemp and What it Means for Wisconsin

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Estimated $2.5 million to be paid out in 2020

For the third year in a row since Rural Mutual established the first-of-its-kind Farm Dividend Program, the Board of Directors declared a 5% dividend on all eligible farm policies to be paid in 2020. See how you can qualify!