Does a Pool Affect Homeowners Insurance?

Swimming pools provide the perfect relief to a hot summer day. They can also be great entertainment when hosting family, friends or guests. While swimming pools are an exciting addition to a household, it is also very important to understand that they can be a dangerous exposure with respect to insurance. Whether a slip and fall on a slippery surface, an injury from a diving board or slide, and to the extreme of a drowning incident, it is important to understand how your insurance could protect you from a negligent act in some of these cases. Whether you are considering an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, it’s a good idea to call your insurance agent first to make sure you’re protected. 

How much does a pool increase home insurance?

Having proper liability limits on your homeowners insurance is key when talking about many of the issues above. A lot of the risk exposures and claims discussed typically would fall under the liability area of your homeowners insurance. While each claim scenario is handled on a case by case basis, you should discuss with your insurance agent your current liability limits and that you are comfortable with them. In most cases it will be an opportunity to increase the liability limits on your homeowners insurance, or by adding/increasing your umbrella endorsement limits for an extra layer of protection. By doing so, you may be better protected from the risks associated with a pool.

Talk to your insurance agent

We know insurance isn’t a one size fits all, that’s why we customize a policy specific to each individual situation. You should discuss with your Rural Mutual agent the concerns of swimming pool risk exposure and the opportunity to better protect yourself with increased limits. While swimming pools are a fun and exciting experience, be aware of the additional risks. 

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