Winter Safety Tips for Kids

Wisconsinites are no strangers to cold weather.  Although it takes a bit more time to get dressed appropriately in the winter, it’s still a great time to get outside. There’s plenty of fun activities for kids, sledding, ice skating, building forts, snowmen and playing in the snow. Just make sure they’re prepared to stay comfortable in the cold weather.  

Keep kids warm outside in cold weather  

Wear layers 

Dressing in layers is important to trap in body heat. Kids get cold quicker than adults so don’t be afraid to add an extra layer on them. When dressing in layers, it’s easy to take a layer off in case they get warm. It’s recommended to dress in 3 main layers.  

  1. Base layer – Merino wool is a great base layer. It’s anti-odor, moisture-wicking, insulating if wet, and soft. A base layer should be fitted to the body.   
  1. Mid-layer – Wear a warm mid-layer such as fleece.  
  1. Outer layer – Wear an outer layer that is wind and waterproof. This could be a snowsuit or snow pants and warm jacket. For milder temperatures, an outdoor play suit can be a great option that isn’t as thick but keeps kids dry and protected when playing outside.   

Don’t forget winter accessories: 

  • A warm hat – Hats that velcro or tie under the chin can stay on better for younger toddlers.
  • Mittens – Bonus for mittens that sinch and tighten around the wrist to help them stay on. Consider putting mittens on before a jacket so they are tucked into the jacket wrist cuff.  
  • Insulated waterproof boots 
  • Neck gaiters – These are great to pull up to keep the neck and face warm and protected from wind.

When kids are having fun outside, it can sometimes be hard to get them to come inside. Make sure you monitor the temperature of their bodies periodically, especially hands, toes, nose and ears that are more susceptible to frostbite. If their clothes are wet, change to dry clothes right away to prevent hypothermia. Check the outside temperature, including windchill, before kids go out to make sure it is safe to be outside for an extended period of time.  

Remember sunscreen 

Just because it’s not warm out, sunscreen is still important. The reflection of the sun off the snow can still cause sunburn. Sunglasses are also important to protect eyes from the reflection, even on a cloudy day. 

Staying active and getting fresh air in the winter can help kick winter germs and sickness going around. To make sure you have the proper home and car insurance coverage this winter, reach out to your local Rural Mutual agent.