Fun Wisconsin Winter Activities – How to Enjoy Them Safely

Wisconsin, our beloved home state, offers four unique seasons, and winter is here in full force. The sidewalks and roads are salted and plowed. The lakes are frozen over. And the weather forecasters are busy preparing everyone for the next winter storm and subzero conditions. Winters can, however, be beautiful and scenic with late-night walks in a light snowfall or gazing at the sunrise over a Wisconsin farm under a blanket of fresh snow.

Whether you are a Wisconsin native or an expat, do not let the cold temperatures quintessential of winter disparage you from finding fun activities, as there is still plenty to do both indoors and outdoors in the Badger State!

4 top winter activities to keep active and stay safe

Snow Tubing

Fun for the whole family, snow tubing offers thrilling excitement without the need to invest in expensive equipment. Experience the thrill of 100-foot drops and multiple-chute and lifts that pull you back up for your next run. The action-packed activity does not require expert skills, but rather the mindset to enjoy an outdoor adventure. From Sylvan Hill Park in Wausau to Badlands Snow Park in Hudson, there are plenty of opportunities to get you and your family tubing the powdery slopes in Wisconsin!

As with any outdoor activity, safety precautions are necessary for a joyful snow tubing adventure. Make sure you are properly dressed for the weather. Even if it is a cloudy day, it’s extremely important to wear anti-UV sunglasses to protect yourself from snow blindness, a temporary yet painful discomfort in the eyes after they have been exposed to too much UV light, according to WebMD. Always follow the hill’s safety guidelines and pay attention to fellow tubers around you. Most importantly, have fun!

Visit Milwaukee

Perhaps outdoor activities simply aren’t your thing. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do in Wisconsin during the winter. Milwaukee, the state’s largest metropolis, is filled with unique history, food and art. For example, the Historic Third Ward is regarded as the city’s thriving arts and fashion district. During your trip to Brew City, you can even take a trip around the world, as its restaurants offer cuisines that range from German to Indian to Scandinavian. As many people are aware, Wisconsin is nicknamed America’s Dairyland – and for good reason! There are plenty of incredible, award-winning cheeses made all over the state sold in shops across Milwaukee.  

Before you set off on a voyage to the big city, take time to prepare your home for when you are gone, even if just for a couple of hours. It also helps to keep your car ready for slick winter roads.

Ice Skate

Wisconsin is home to thousands of frozen lakes, including Lake Winnebago and Elkhart Lake. During the winter months, when these majestic bodies of water solidify, they become the perfect spots for families to set out for a day of ice skating. However, if the ice is too rough or too thin, it’s easy to find a local ice skating rink nearby. Don’t have your own skates? Most rinks have rentals available.

Ice skating makes for a fun date night or outing with friends and family, but don’t forget about your safety. Just like you would for your normal footwear, get properly fitted skates to ensure you feel comfortable on the ice. To avoid hurting your limbs and head, practice falling in your skates prior to setting out on the ice so you know what could happen should you slip. Lastly, pay attention to those around you. There will be skaters of all skill levels, and you do not want to accidentally run into or inadvertently hurt someone.

Cross Country Ski

When the snow is fresh, nothing can beat the timeless classic of cross-country skiing. Wisconsin has plenty of trails for beginners and experts alike. Best of all, many places offer rental skis, so you don’t have to bring your own.

Similarly to an ice skating rink, any time you are on trails, pay attention to skiers around you, as some may be moving faster than you. Additionally, cross-country skiing is quite a workout. Bring clothes that breathe easily while keeping you warm as you move.

If you are planning your next Wisconsin winter getaway, there are several fantastic ideas that come highly recommended. For more tips on keeping your home, car, or family safe in the winter, contact your local Rural Mutual Insurance agent. Stay warm and safe travels, Wisconsinites!