Coach Meyer says Sportsmanship Award is a Community Award

We believe there’s something more important than just winning or losing a tournament. We believe that the team, school, and fans who support their athletes with dignity and class are the true champions. That’s why we’ve proudly sponsored the WIAA/Rural Mutual Insurance Sportsmanship Award for 54 years.

We would like to congratulate Union Grove this year’s recipient of the Baseball Sportsmanship award. It is the second time Union Grove has been chosen winner of the sportsmanship award. The Broncos also earned the honor in 2007 for softball.

Head Coach, Nathan Meyer comments…

When talking with Head Coach, Nathan Meyer we asked him what this award meant to him as a coach, the team and community…

This sportsmanship award goes right up to the top of the list of all the awards, accomplishments, and honors our team won this year. It is a great honor to know that my team was noticed for sportsmanship and character not only on the field but off the field. Every coach always wants their players to show sportsmanship and to know that my players were chosen for this award I couldn’t be happier.

This award truly shows what an amazing group of student athletes I had this past season. For our team it is a great to know that people appreciated how we carried ourselves not only on the field but off the field during the state tournament.

This award is a community award because our school, parents, coaches, and community are showing our players from a young age how important it is to have good sportsmanship and what it takes to be a good human being. 

I preach to my players all the time at practice and before games about playing the game of baseball the right way and one part of playing the game the right way is treating your teammates, coaches, opponents, umpires, and anyone else with respect and kindness.  

Sportsmanship is something that I get to teach all day long not only as a coach but as an elementary physical education teacher. I think it is so important for young students to understand and see what sportsmanship actually is and what it means to show good sportsmanship. If students can learn at a young age what is means to be a good sport, hopefully they will carry that over with them the rest of their life.

Coach Meyer has been coaching at Union Grove for the past 7 years. He was the assistant coach for 5 years and the head coach the last 2 years.  His favorite part about coaching is the relationships that he gets to build with his players and coaches. 

Congratulations again on a great season and winning the WIAA/Rural Mutual Sportsmanship award. This is a great achievement for the Union Grove community.