Do you have Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Everything breaks down eventually. Systems you rely on, like your water heater and refrigerator are susceptible to mechanical and electrical failures. If you’re not protected, repairing or replacing this critical equipment can cost  a fortune. With Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance, you can rest easy.

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Spring cleaning your way to a safer home.

As soon as the snow melts and the temperatures warm up, our attention turns to that long list of maintenance to-do items that we’ve been thinking about all winter long.  We’ve put together a list of common maintenance and safety items to consider when working around the house.

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Life Insurance Coverage by Decade

Young or old, how much life insurance do you need throughout life? The answer isn’t always easy, and it changes as you change. Rural Mutual Insurance shares insight on what life insurance coverage you need during each decade of your life.

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