Winterize Your Recreational Vehicles 

If you live in Wisconsin, preparing for winter is not unfamiliar to you. Whether you have an ATV, motorcycle, boat, or golf cart, it’s important to make sure these summer recreational vehicles are properly stored over the winter so you can enjoy them again once the warmer months return.  

Tips to store Your Recreational Vehicles for winter

Conduct Basic Maintenance 

Before you store the machines for the long season, give them some TLC and complete your regular maintenance tasks.  

  • Manage fluids 
    • If you are winterizing your boat, flush and drain all water lines. To avoid the build-up of fuel in your boat, top the tank off and add a fuel stabilizer.  
    • Change the oil and ensure other fluids are at proper levels for long-term storage.   
    • For recreational vehicles other than boats, if they have a plastic gas tank, drain the fuel before storing it for a long time. If the machine has a metal tank, top it off with fuel and add a stabilizer. 
  • Check tire pressure and fill any low tires with air.  
  • Give the machine a deep clean. Besides washing off the mud and dirt, clean under the machine and in the hidden spots you might have missed throughout the riding season.  
  • Perform other needed maintenance tasks such as replacing brake pads, cleaning your air filters, or look into having the machine serviced.  
  • Take care of the battery  
    • Check that your batteries are fully charged. Ensure all wiring and cables are in good shape and connected where they should be.  
    • If necessary, invest in a trickle charger. A trickle charger will prevent the battery from losing too much charge that makes it inoperable.  

Properly Store Your Machines 

While maintenance is an important aspect of winterizing your recreational vehicles, properly storing them is also key.  

  • Store your recreational vehicles in a dry, weather-proofed shelter. Ideally, this would be an enclosed garage or shed.  
  • Cover your machines with a breathable fabric that will allow any moisture to escape.  
  • For extra protection, use blocks or ramps to keep your vehicle off the ground.  

One of the most important tasks you should do as we roll into the winter months is ensuring you have the proper insurance coverage. Reach out to your local Rural Mutual agent today!