A Golf Ball Cracks My Windshield, Am I Covered?

Fore! Imagine you are parked near a golf course or at the golf course and when you return to your vehicle, you notice your windshield has been damaged due to being hit by a golf ball. Now you’re wondering, “do I have coverage for a shattered windshield?”.

Who is responsible for the damage?  

This situation is typically handled on a case-by-case basis. If the owner of the vehicle knows who the negligent party is or the negligent party admits to negligence, it may fall on the negligent parties homeowners insurance. If you cannot locate the guilty party, it could fall under your comprehensive coverage on your auto policy 

As each claim scenario is handled on an individual basis, you should work with your agent and claims adjuster to determine if and where there would be coverage. Learn what information you need to file a claim or reach out to your local agent 

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