Fun Holiday Traditions for You and Your Family 

Every year, the holidays seem to sneak up on us no matter how early we start to prepare. For many, the holidays offer an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and celebrate in their own ways. They can also provide a chance to honor or create new traditions. From baking cookies to enjoying outdoor activities, here are some ideas of fun and safe holiday traditions to start at home.  

Holiday Tradition Ideas 

Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love treats and sweets during the holiday season? Baking cookies can be a fun and memorable tradition to start with your family of all ages every year, even if it can get a little messy. Throw on your favorite holiday tunes or movie in the background, grab your favorite cookie cutters, and start mixing! You can even take this tradition a step further and do a cookie exchange, host a baking party with your family and friends, or make a special visit to share the sweets with loved ones. 

Elf on the Shelf 

Over the past few years, parents have been sharing pictures on social media of a mischievous little elf hiding all over their house during December. The story told to kids is that the elf flies back to the North Pole every night in December to report on good or bad behavior to Santa before returning to the house. It becomes a fun game for kids to find the Elf every morning and learn what mischief he caused overnight.  

So, if you enjoy coming up with funny stories about a mischievous Elf and your kids enjoy hunting for treasures, this tradition is perfect for your family to make your own this year!  

Deck the Halls 

Another fun way to get you and your family in the holiday spirit is by decorating. Visit a local tree farm to find your perfect holiday tree.

After you get home, decorate as a family, or if you like it to be decorated in a certain style for the holiday season, set up a small tree in each child’s room. This gives kids freedom to be as creative as they want in their own space and allows you to set the vibe for the rest of the home décor.  

You can also start a tradition of purchasing or creating an ornament for each child every year. The ornaments can be hung in their room or join the family tree’s decorations. Whichever you choose, an annual ornament is a fun way to reminisce every year on holidays past and spend quality time together. 

Holiday Spirit in the Car

After your tree is lit and decorations are up, hop in the car with the family and go for a (sleigh) ride! Take a drive around your neighborhood to admire brightly lit houses, check out your community’s light show, and enjoy your favorite holiday tunes. If the weather allows, find a favorite outdoor winter activity such as ice skating, sledding, or tubing. Don’t forget the hot chocolate and other seasonal treats to keep everyone warm and the energy levels up.  

At Rural Mutual, we believe in keeping Wisconsin families and children safe year-round. Reach out to your local Rural Mutual agent to make sure you have the protection you need this holiday season.