Business Insurance Tailored to You

Small business insurance. Large support system.  

Retail, contractors, architects – oh my! Business insurance isn’t a blanket coverage. There are nuances to each industry that drives the need for different types and amount of coverage. A golf course will need a different liability coverage than a plumber. If your policy is the same, it’s time for a new agent! 

There are policy components all business owners should have some sort of insurance coverage for: 

  • Property Damage – Whether you own a building or not, your business most likely has property that may need to be protected. You should work with your local agent on understanding your insurance needs.   
  • Liability – Liability insurance can cover a wide range of things, and it may protect you in a future lawsuit. It is crucial that you understand your needs and discuss with your agent.  
  • Crime – Certain crime coverage may be included in your base policy, or you might have options to endorse them. Your agent can explain the benefits and what the best fit is for you.  
  • Umbrella Coverage – Similar to carrying around an umbrella, having umbrella insurance can provide an added layer of protection when life brings unforeseen liabilities.  
  • Business Cyber Liability Coverage – Rural Mutual has partnered with CyberScout to provide you with proactive, comprehensive data breach protection and remediation services that help protect you from the inadvertent release of data.  
  • Equipment Breakdown for Business –  If you’re not protected, repairing or replacing this critical equipment can cost a fortune. We can provide coverage for losses due to equipment breakdown. 

That said, what and how much is covered by these types will vary from industry to industry. Retail shops may have a higher coverage for crime than a consultant working in a limited-access office building. 

There are also state-required policies for insurance coverage. Wisconsin businesses are required to have: 

  • Workers’ Compensation – if you have three or more employees, or pay wages of more than $500 in any quarter of the year, Wisconsin law requires that you carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. 
  • Business Auto Insurance – There are three types of vehicle liability insurance that the state of Wisconsin requires businesses to carry; bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured motorist, plus there are additional coverages to consider. 

Our custom business insurance plans allow business owners to feel confident that they are getting the protection they need at the right price with the best support.  

Our team works with you and your business to ensure: 

  • All aspects of your business are properly protected, including your buildings, vehicles and employees, at the right price 
  • You receive exceptional customer service and annual reviews or frequent follow-ups to make sure the coverage fits your needs and goals 
  • Your claims are taken seriously and are addressed in a timely manner 
  • Personalized safety training materials, support and resources are provided to you and employees to prevent accidents from happening 

Rural Mutual works with Wisconsin business owners from a variety of industries that range across small to large operations. Since our agents are based locally across the state, the underwriters know your community and can meet you to review your business and discuss what coverage makes sense. 

We help protect your business with the right business and commercial property insurance, because nothing derails success like unexpected losses. Contact a local Rural Mutual agent today to get started.