Employee Wellness Ideas for Your Business

Workplace wellness continues to be a top priority for many employees and job seekers. Employees are more engaged and motivated when they feel their health is prioritized by their employer. Employers also recognize physical exercise and balanced nutrition has a positive effect on cognitive performance.  In addition, wellness programs are a great benefit to boost morale and engagement around the office.  

Employee wellness program ideas 


The average person spends more than 5 and a half hours a day sitting at their desk. Provide your employees with comfortable office equipment which will make their days more enjoyable. In an office setting this could include ergonomic chairs, adjustable keyboard trays and standing desksAdjustable height desks are a great alternative to sitting which allow workers to move between sitting and standing at various times throughout the day. Adjustable standing desks work in preventing back pain and other health problems associated with being totally sedentary. 

Get moving 

10,000 steps a day is the recommended target for healthy adults. However, the average American only walks 3,000 – 4,000 steps a day. Schedule reminders during your day to encourage breaks to get up and move. Walking is the easiest form of exercise for most people. There are many ways to work more steps into your work day even if you have a desk job.  

  • Get up and walk to a colleagues desk instead of sending an email.  
  • Walking meetings are a great way to be efficient by discussing work but still getting steps in towards your goal – walk and talk! 
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  
  • Take advantage of your breaks and lunch hour to get a quick walk in outside or around the office.

Healthy snacks 

A proper diet is an essential part of overall wellness. Look beyond sugary foods and strive for brain food that keeps you focused and full longer.   

Instead of chips and candy bars in the vending machine, opt for healthier options such as granola bars high in proteinnuts, dried fruit, trail mix or popcorn. Also consider posting nutrition facts and literature in the break rooms to educate employees about what they are consuming.  

Mental Health 

In addition to physical wellness, mental health is an important part of overall well-being. Chronic, unmanaged stress over time can lead to major health problems.   

  • Encourage work life balance to your employees to balance their personal and professional lives. This includes encouraging employees to use their vacation days and take time to mentally disengage from work.  
  • Consider offering flexible scheduling to allow employees to balance their work time during the week as it fits into their personal schedule.  
  • Teach mindfulness to improve focus at work and reduce stress on the mind and body.  
  • Have a resource available in the office if an employee needs to talk or have a contact readily available to refer them to.  

Team-based wellness challenges are a great way to create a sense of team building and maintain employee engagement. Encourage your colleagues to set goals for themselves and hold each other accountable as you work towards them together.