Keep Your Hotel Safe & Secure

Hotels come in all styles and sizes and provide travelers and guests with a place to unwind, rest, and even be entertained. No matter where you are in the world, the hospitality industry’s top goal, in addition to offering temporary accommodations, is to ensure feelings of comfort and welcomeness away from home.

At Rural Mutual Insurance, we offer a special tier of business insurance for hotels. We proudly work with a number of bed and breakfast guesthouses and small hotels across Wisconsin. Just like many other types of business, running a hotel requires hard work, dedication, patience, and strong interpersonal skills. It’s important to always prioritize the safety of all residents.

Tips to keep your hotel guests and staff members safe

Establish an emergency response plan

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, which is why hotel staff members should be fully prepared in the case of a crisis on the premises. It is highly encouraged that hotel managers and senior staff members meet with local law enforcement and emergency services to learn recently developed protocol, update and reinforce escape plans, and understand the latest safety best practices.

Clear and candid communication with guests is key. When management and staff are properly trained and knowledgeable in what to do in an urgent situation, guests are more likely to feel safe on the property.

  • Post emergency escape plans in every guest room and clearly mark emergency exits throughout the property.
  • Make sure smoke detectors, door locks, peepholes, and appliances (e.g., hair dryers, irons, and coffee makers) are functioning properly.
  • Closely monitor all entrances and exits. Install surveillance equipment, including security cameras, in public doorways and hallways and respond immediately to any suspicious behavior.
  • Consider hiring security personnel to patrol the grounds.

Clean rooms and common areas routinely

Keeping all aspects of hotel rooms, hallways, lounges, dining areas, and lobbies clean and properly maintained (i.e., well lit, ventilated, and in working order) not only shows that you care about your facility and patrons, but it also promotes a healthy atmosphere.

With numerous people checking in and out day after day, disinfecting surfaces, laundering materials, replacing towels and bedsheets after each use helps to inhibit the spread of diseases. These tasks also demonstrate that you not only care about aesthetics but also the well-being and comfort of guests.

Protect guests’ personal data

Cybersecurity affects virtually every industry. Especially in recent years, hotels have become a major target for cyberattacks, resulting in millions lost in revenue. In fact, the hospitality market experiences one of the highest numbers of cybersecurity breaches annually. However, there are several steps to help mitigate the risk of sensitive files and personal information from being manipulated:

  • Regularly update your hotel’s software systems, account passwords, etc.
  • Back up sensitive data daily or weekly.
  • Connect to a secure, password protected Wi-Fi network.
  • Never leave computers unattended or storage rooms and offices unlocked.

There are many ways to ensure the security of hotel guests and staff while delivering a positive experience. To learn more about Rural Mutual’s business insurance, contact your local agent.