Workers’ Compensation Hotline: Making the Complicated…Easy!

Do you know that last year alone, Rural Mutual received more than 1,600 workers’ compensation claims? In an effort to not only decrease the number of claims but to ensure fast, quick treatment, we implemented the 24/7 Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline.

Administered by Medcor, the Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline is a call center that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help injured employees get the right care at the right time.

The program is now available to our workers’ compensation policyholders, who should have received a ’Policyholder Work Injury Guide‘ that contains information and tools to help implement the new system in their workplace.

How does the Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline work?

Once an incident occurs, a manager or employee should call the toll-free hotline number to reach a registered nurse. The nurse will provide medical advice to either self-treat or seek medical attention depending on the severity of the situation. Ideally, this program works best when an injured employee calls the Nurse Hotline immediately after reporting to the employer, even before medical treatment is sought.

Calling the Nurse Hotline also takes away the need for the employer to report claims to Rural Mutual. If a claim is filed, our system will be updated based on the information you provided to the nurse during the call. A confirmation number will be provided for the employer’s records.
During the past several years, we have found that for every 10 calls made to the nurse hotline, four incidents did not result in medical treatment. Thus, the policy holder doesn’t have go through a claims process or experience any changes in their premium.

With a decrease in worker’s compensation claims, a 24-hour reporting process and less hassle for our policyholders, we are making the complicated, easy.

Contact a local Rural Mutual agent to learn more about how the Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline can help your business be prepared and protected when an employee is injured on the job.

If it’s ‘more than a Band-Aid® and less than a 911 call’ we ask that you call the Rural Mutual Nurse Hotline at 1-844-334-6477.