Teaching Children the Dangers of Chemical Exposure

There are two steps you can take right away to help protect yourself and your children from the harms of chemical exposure on the farm.

First things first. Take out your cell phone. Program this number into your phone: 1-800-222-1222

That’s the phone number for Poison Control. Don’t waste time looking up the phone number in an emergency.

Next, teach your children about the dangers of chemical exposure. By helping them understand how crucial it is to avoid contact, you’re helping protect them from the very real dangers of exposure.

Farm Safety for Just Kids offers some great tips for how you can help your children stay safe in the presence of dangerous chemicals. For example, teach your older children the significance of warning symbols, words, colors, and the distinction between the levels of danger.

Do you know the significance? Label you chemicals!

CAUTION – Minor or moderate injury: Yellow

WARNING – Possibility of death or serious injury: Orange

DANGER – High probability of death or serious injury: Red