Wisconsin Corn Fun Facts

Wisconsin joins other Midwest states as one of the top corn producing states in the nation. We grow multiple types of corn, all serving different purposes. In Wisconsin, the majority of corn is grown in central, south central and east central parts of the state.  

Types of Corn 

  1. Grain/Field corn is used as feed for cows, pigs and poultry, as well as in the generation of ethanol, corn oil and corn starch and other non-food products.  
  1. Corn silage is made by harvesting the still green stalk, leaves and ears of corn which is then chopped, fermented and fed to livestock, like cows, as a high-energy feed source. 
  1. Sweet corn is what people enjoy every summer from their local farmer or buy at the stores fresh, canned or frozen. Wisconsin is a leading exporter of sweet corn in the nation allowing countries around the world to access this agricultural product. 

Did you know… 

  • A corn stalk grows about 7 – 10 feet tall.  
  • What is a bushel? Corn is sold by weight and often in 56-pound blocks that is called a bushel. 
  • About half of Wisconsin’s corn production is field corn. It’s a common assumption it’s used for animal feed and while it does feed pigs, cows and other poultry, corn can also be used in more than 4,000 products ranging from tennis shoes to fuel.   
  • 37% of corn grown in Wisconsin is used in ethanol production. Ethanol is a high performance renewable fuel that is blended in gasoline to help reduce vehicle emissions, improve air quality, increase our energy independence and lower consumer fuel prices.

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