Top 3 causes of agriculture related injuries or deaths and how to prevent them!

Farms are a wonderful place for children to live, work and play. However, agriculture is also one of the most dangerous occupations in the US. Statically a child dies in an agricultural related incident about every 3 days and 33 children are seriously injured every day. These numbers are not acceptable.

Scott Heiberger, Health Communication Manager at the National Farm Medicine Center, shared with us the top three causes of injuries and fatalities, safety prevention strategies and resources to learn more.

Top 3 Causes of Ag related injuries or deaths

Top Causes of Fatal Ag Injuries

  • Machinery
  • Motor Vehicles (includes ATVs)
  • Drowning

Top Causes of Non- Fatal Ag Injuries

  • Falls
  • Animals
  • Machinery/Vehicles

Two pieces of the data really stood out: tractors cause 40 percent of accidental farm deaths of children under 15; and more than half of young children injured on the farm (ages 10 and under) were not engaged in work at the time of the injury – they were merely bystanders or playing in the hazardous agricultural work site.

Prevent Ag related accidents with these Safety Strategies

Use these 4 simple strategies to avoid an injury on the farm…

  1. Make sure your children are old enough for the work they are doing. Keep kids away from tractors until they are 14. Ask them these 12 questions before they drive a tractor. Also, make sure you know where your children are at all times, even when you are just mowing the grass.
  2. Make safety your business (like us)! Ensure the work environment is as safe as possible. Working with a safety expert can help you put a plan in place to make sure your farm is safe and your employees are trained properly. Reach out to an agent for more information.
  3. Stay up to date. Subscribe to a safety newsletter, use the resources below, check out our farm safety learning center... Whatever you do, make sure you keep safety top of mind. Get in the routine of checking safety lists on a regular basis, like this one.
  4. Thinking of agritourism? Take an extra look at every inch of your farm. It is the responsibility of the farm owner to control hazards that may risk the health and safety of children and other guests.

Find more information regarding your children’s safety. Here are our top tips for ensuring kid and teen safety on the farm.

Injury Prevention Resources

Whether the children on your farm are working, playing or visiting, the National Children’s Center has resources to help keep them safe, including:

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