Warning: Entering grain storage bins is Extremely Dangerous

Moving grain acts like “quicksand” and can bury and suffocate you in seconds! NEVER stand on moving/flowing grain. Always avoid entering a grain storage bin – if at all possible.

If you have to enter, you MUST follow these rules – they SAVE LIVES:

  • TURN OFF and disconnect, lock out, or block-off all powered equipment, especially grain-moving equipment (like augers).
  • USE a body harnesswith an anchored lifeline or boatswain chair when entering from a level at or above stored grain.
  • TEST the bin’s air to ensure there is enough oxygen and no toxic and/or flammable gas.
  • DO NOT walk on or “down” the grain to make it flow.
  • DO NOT enter onto or below bridged grain or when grain is built up on sides.
  • DO NOT enter without having rescue equipment and a rescue-trained observer stationed outside who is in constant contact with you.
  • CONFIRM from your employer’s issued entry permit that all safety precautions are in place and it is safe to enter.

Contact a local Rural Mutual agent for more safety resources and access to our loss control team for training.