How to Deal With Stress on the Farm

It’s inevitable. If you’re involved in farming, you have stress. During these moments when you are feeling overwhelmed, taking time to regroup can make all the difference.

Tips for managing farm stress

Plan your day

Each morning, start with a short plan of your day, like you already do. We know breakdowns happen, people and animals get sick, and the weather doesn’t cooperate. However, building in breaks or chances to stretch your legs, can help minimize the stress you feel throughout the day.

reduce accidents by slowing down

Don’t rush through your tasks! By putting all of your attention on the project you’re working on instead of the next item you need to complete. You reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. Rushing to save yourself five minutes can potentially ruin the rest of your day if you break something or get injured while distracted.

Set daily Goals

Take time throughout your day to check in with your daily goals. Re-evaluate your needs to set up the most productive schedule for the rest of the day. Run your daily goals past a family member or close friend. No one understands the stress of farming better than them.

Stay Energized

Taking 30 minutes to share a meal with your family can help your body and your mind rest and reset. While it may be difficult to stop for any amount of time, the break can pay back in dividends with a clearer mind and less stress.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with stress on the farm is that anything can happen at any time. Make sure you have an emergency action plan in place so you and your farm are well-prepared. Reach out to a local agent to protect your farm.