Kids Safety on the Farm

Farming and families go hand-in-hand. During busy times on the farm, it’s critical to take time to talk about farm safety with kids, of all ages.

Farm Safety Tips for Children

Wear bright colors

Construction workers wear bright yellow and orange clothing so they are easily spotted when large equipment is moving around. The same should be true for kids on the farm. Bright colors help you become noticed.

Stay back until it’s safe

Younger kids can be excited about all the large equipment and seeing family. To prevent them from running up to equipment when it’s running, teach them to stay on the edge of the field or close to farm buildings. This makes it easier for them to be seen and less likely to be in the path of traffic. Don’t let them move until they know the equipment is off or the person working has given the OK.

Make an Emergency Action Plan

Regardless of age, it’s always important to have open communication. Remind family members what fields you are working in and your anticipated schedule for the day. This helps them locate you if you are needed but also alerts them if something is wrong. Set up an emergency action plan for all family members-including a list of numbers that kids can call in an emergency, a meeting spot for emergencies, etc.

Rural Mutual believes in keeping Wisconsin farms, families and children safe. Reach out to a local Rural Mutual agent to make sure your farm and family is protected.