11 Ways to Create a Safe Play Area for Children on the Farm

For an adventurous or curious child, a farm looks like one giant playground. There are barns to play in, animals to visit and tractors to climb. But for unsupervised children, a farm can pose serious risks.

For children who aren’t working on the farm, it’s imperative to provide a safe area to play away from the hazards of the farm.

The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety provides this advice when choosing a location to create a safe play area for children on your farm:

  1. Designate the play area with boundaries – such as a fence, gate or shrubs.
  2. Choose a location away from traffic.
  3. Choose a location away from hazards like machinery or unstable structures (such as a tractor tire leaning against a building).
  4. Make sure the play area is away from loud noises.
  5. Keep the area away from open water.
  6. Provide adequate shade from the sun in the play area, as well as shelter from wind and dust.
  7. Protect the play area with a strong barrier that separates the children from farm animals.
  8. Choose a location that is within sight and sound of a responsible adult.
  9. Be sure there are first aid supplies, hand washing and toilet facilities nearby.
  10. Keep the area easily and regularly maintained with grass mowing and snow removal.
  11. Select a play area where there is minimal risk of snakes, fire ants and other critters.