Rural Mutual offers Dairy Revenue Protection to help Wisconsin Dairy Farmers

As the number one farm insurer in the state of Wisconsin, we are excited to announce a new product called Dairy Revenue Protection. This new product  will allow  us to add to our existing portfolio of farm insurance products and continue to be a leader in the industry.

“We are excited about the addition of  Dairy Revenue Protection to the Rural Mutual line of farm products that our agents offer,” said Peter Pelizza, Executive Vice President and CEO of Rural Mutual.  “This product will bring a new solution to the market for Wisconsin farmers to help them develop a comprehensive risk management strategy.”

Dairy Revenue Protection, is designed to help farmers manage against unanticipated declines in revenue from milk price volatility. This new product was developed by the American Farm Bureau in collaboration with the Risk Management Association of the USDA. “In a time of price volatility, farmers need to have access to effective risk management tools,” said crop and beef farmer and Rural Mutual President Jim Holte. “Wisconsin farmers should be excited to see this new product added to Rural Mutual’s existing portfolio to give them more options in their toolbox.”

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