Home Safety Resolutions for the New Year

New Year Resolutions not your thing?

Even if you have no interest in resolutions, a new calendar brings an opportunity to consider a home health and safety check up. Here are a few suggestions for your list: 

  • Cold weather gear intact – every mitten has a mate, boots don’t leak, coat zippers work, head and neck warmers accessible.
  • Home, shop, barn, tractor fire extinguishers checked and current.
  • Shovels, ice scrapers, sidewalk de-icer (pet friendly) accessible for winter
  • Snow removal equipment, shovel and snowblower, ready to use and safety checks done
  • First aid kits replenished and contain large bandages, elastic wraps, compression dressings, shears for cutting through clothing, thermal wrap (looks like aluminum foil) for emergency. Saline solution is a good item to have in a first aid kit for eye wash or irrigating dirty wounds right away. protection, and a variety of band-aid.
  • Flashlights and emergency flashers are in working order – this is a good time to install fresh batteries
  • Vehicles are checked for safe tires, brakes, windshield wipers and other routine maintenance
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are tested and working (another opportunity for fresh batteries)
  • Family members and co-workers know where to locate emergency contact information; family physician phone numbers are current and posted
  • Did you get your flu shot? It is not too late!
  • Is your tetanus vaccination up to date?
  • Review the signs, symptoms and treatment of frostbite and hypothermia with family members, students, and co-workers.

The list can go on and will likely trigger other health and safety checklist items for you. 

For more safety tips and resources, contact your local Rural Mutual agent. Have a safe winter!