Do you have Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance?

Everything breaks down eventually. Systems you rely on, like your water heater, air conditioning, refrigerator, even your new flat-panel HD monitor, are susceptible to mechanical and electrical failures. If you’re not protected, repairing or replacing this critical equipment can cost  a fortune. With Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance, you can rest easy.


Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance fills the gaps in your homeowners insurance. Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover the cost of repairing and replacing your home equipment when it breaks down. That’s where Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance comes in. It’s easier to manage than dozens of individual warranties, simple to understand and affordable. Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance is a must have for any modern-day homeowner.  Check out our interactive website to find coverage examples and situations that could happen to you.   

*Contact your agent for a full list of protected equipment and information on additional coverages.


Follow these easy tips, to prevent a great deal of home and equipment damage down the line.

  • Unplug your electronic devices when they are not in use, whenever possible. This can prevent equipment damage, as well as cut down on your electric bill.
  • Layer surge protection devices inside and outside of your home to protect all of your equipment. With the right surge protection devices in place, you can prepare for everything from lightning strikes, to the voltage spike from starting up a new refrigerator.
  • Regularly clean and maintain all of your home’s equipment and systems. For larger systems, have a licensed service professional inspect and service your equipment every year.
Want to learn more, or add Equipment Breakdown Insurance to your existing policy?
Contact your agent today! Or check out our interactive Equipment Breakdown website to find coverage examples and situations that could happen to you.