Wisconsin Farm Fun Facts

The Dairy State, America’s Dairyland, The Cheese State – these are just a few nicknames for Wisconsin. While we are most notably recognized for our cheese, Wisconsin agriculture includes much more than that.

Did you know…


  • There are 64,400 farms in Wisconsin, averaging 222 acres
  • There are 1.3 million dairy cows in Wisconsin
  • One Farmer Feeds 166 people
  • Wisconsin’s agriculture industry generates $104.8 billion in economic activity annually

Crops and Livestock

  • Each year, Wisconsin harvests more than 1.8 million Christmas trees
  • Wisconsin chicken farms produce 1.83 million eggs
  • Wisconsin ranks third in the nation in corn production with $1.2 billion
  • 265,000 gallons of Maple Syrup are produced each year in Wisconsin – ranking us fourth in production


  • Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! Wisconsin ranks first in the nation for the production of cheese, there are nearly 1,200 licensed cheesemakers making 26% of the nation’s cheese.
  • The Cranberry is Wisconsin’s official state fruit. Wisconsin leads the nation in cranberry production, producing 4.6 million barrels.
  • Wisconsin produces 10.1 million pounds of Tart Cherries each year
  • Many Americans celebrate holidays with food; with Super Bowl Sunday being the most expensive at $107 Billion

Agriculture Associations

  • As the largest general farm organization in the state, Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation serves as a voice for farmers. Their mission is to lead the farm and rural community through legislative representation, education, public relations, and leadership development. Read about member story highlights.
  • Rural Mutual supports our current and future farm leaders through youth ag involvement programs to support agricultural leadership and education programs. These include Farm Bureau Federation’s Young Farmer and Agriculturist Program, Farm Bureau Leadership Institute, Farm Bureau Foundation, Wisconsin 4-H Foundation, and Wisconsin FFA.

Learn more ag facts, from our Farm Bureau friends at Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom.

We’re proud to be from Wisconsin and thankful for our Wisconsin farmers and the industries they support.