Life Insurance 101

Life insurance is an important part of everyone’s financial plans, but the questions are how much? And what type? We’re here to help provide Wisconsin life insurance so you can rest easy knowing the people closest to you are protected.

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a policy that will provide monetary benefits to your chosen beneficiaries upon your death. Often, a death can lead to a financial burden for families due to loss of an income. Life insurance provides peace of mind for your future. You can’t put a price on life. If you have financial obligations, debt, or a family, you should have a life insurance policy.

How does life insurance work?

If your death occurs during the coverage period of your selected policy, the people you specify as beneficiaries will receive benefits from the policy either as a lump sum or through flexible income payment options.  The cash replaces your income to help support your family or loved ones through tough times.

What is the life insurance right coverage amount?

Are you single or married? Do you have children or grown adults? Are you still working or retired?  Young or old, how much life insurance do you need throughout life? The answer isn’t always easy, and it changes as you change. Your life insurance policy(ies) should be re-examined periodically to make sure your coverage is continually meeting your insurance needs. Here’s a look at how different your life insurance needs can change over time.

Every individual and family has different needs and goals. With different life insurance coverage types including term life insurance, whole life insurance and universal life insurance, your plan is fit specific to you. Your local Rural Mutual agent will work with you to customize a policy.

To get started, this life insurance calculator can give you an estimate how much life insurance coverage you might need.

When you’re covered by life insurance, you can live your life confidently.

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